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had a complete ACL tear, cannot straighten my knee, and am consulting with a surgeon, possibly having surgery. What advice do you have.


It is imperative that you regain knee extension range of motion (completely straightening the knee), if indeed you have surgery. Studies have shown that patients who have had a greater than five degree extension loss before surgery, have a five times higher chance of not regaining extension after surgery. Loss of range of motion, especially extension has the biggest impact on surgical outcomes. The inability to straighten the knee, has a dramatic impact on gait, muscle activity and normal knee (tibio-femoral) and knee cap (patella femoral) mechanics. Imagine not being able to straighten your knee, you can never lock your knee for stability. It will cause you to naturally shift weight to the opposite leg overloading the opposite knee, hip and lower back. Your quads and hamstrings never shut down. Your patellar tendon will be on fire and the cartilage behind the patella (knee cap) will be under constant load which leads to early degenerative changes (arthritis). See a physical therapist before your surgery and regain knee extension and to improve your quadriceps strength, whether or not you opt for surgery. Call us to schedule your preferred appointment today, visit us at where you will be taken to the next level of working, living and playing again.
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