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I am a baseball pitcher with rotator cuff tendonitis in my right shoulder. I have had Physical Therapy treatment for the shoulder in the past which has been helpful, however my shoulder pain returns shortly after I start pitching. I have been doing my shoulder blade and rotator cuff strengthening exercises and my shoulder strength and flexibility are great. What pitching technique is good?


You may have stiffness in your thoracic spine (upper back) or hips. Restrictions in these areas will place more strain on your shoulder when you pitch. You may want to consult with a Physical Therapist again to ensure that you have adequate flexibility in the hips and spine, also to check that you have sufficient strength of your trunk (abdominal and back) and hip muscles. When pitching, the greatest force should be generated through the muscles of the hip, trunk rotators and shoulder blade which places less strain on the shoulder, elbow and wrist, preventing injuries in these areas. Have a great injury free baseball season!
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