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I have a history of multiple ankle sprains sustained from sports. I want to continue with being active, but I’m noticing that my ankle now rolls even when stepping off a curb. Is this a problem, and would physical therapy help?


Recurrent ankle sprains are quite common, and unfortunately, quite problematic. An ankle sprain involves stretching of ligaments surrounding the foot and ankle. If an ankle sprain was not rehabilitated correctly (or at all), it can continue to roll and set you up for many problems down the road. When the ligaments around the ankle are stretched, you lose a fair amount of strength and stability through the foot and ankle. In addition, your balance is disrupted, as is your ‘proprioception’ which refers to your body’s sense of position in space. The foot and ankle are also very important in providing support and feedback to the rest of your body. Long term ankle instability can not only cause dysfunction at the ankle joint, but can also create problems in other areas. The stronger and more stable your ankle is, the less compensating your knee, hip, and lower back have to do to account for its weakness. Physical therapy can be very helpful in restoring your mobility, strength, and balance; as well as prevent further injury. If you want to continue with your active lifestyle and remain healthy, proper evaluation and rehabilitation by a physical therapist would be extremely beneficial. And remember, you can now see a physical therapist without a physician’s referral. Call 541-752-0545 today for your appointment!
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