Shoulder and back pain after mastectomy – a reality!

A mastectomy can affect your shoulders, neck, and upper back years down the road –Physical Therapy can help avoid both the general pain and disabling shoulder pain afterwards. Physical Therapy is an important component and is often missed in the treatment of breast cancer patients. Studies have shown, even years after a mastectomy, individuals can […]

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How to modify exercises in mid-life – what is important to include

We’re all getting older and unfortunately aging does come with some challenges. These include decreased bone density and lean (muscle) mass along with an increase in body fat and a higher risk for cardiovascular disease. Some of these changes are intensified in women after menopause. Many people are also exercising or being active less often […]

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Incontinence – It's normal, but should it be?

Short answer – No! Now for the long answer. One quarter of women in the US have some sort of pelvic disorder including urinary incontinence. Most think it is something that is normal after having children or just part of the aging process but this simply isn’t the truth. Physical therapy and pelvic floor strengthening […]

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Bone Density Post Menopause

Attention women! If you’re not thinking about your bones – you should be! After menopause, bone density decreases, leaving you with a higher risk for a fracture of your hip (femur) or even your vertebrae. We’re targeting women today because of the 10 million Americans with osteoporosis, 80% are women. There are multiple factors that […]

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5 Tips to Prevent Injuries in Tennis Athletes

Tennis players experience a mix of chronic (overuse) injuries and acute injuries. The most common injuries include tennis elbow (lateral epicondylalgia), shoulder injuries, stress fractures, and sprains or strains. Most of these injuries can be prevented with appropriate strengthening, stretching, and warm up activities! If you are starting to have any kind of pain in […]

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5 Tips for Injury Prevention for Track and Field Athletes

As you are gearing up for the start of track season, it is important to consider how you are going to keep yourself healthy from day one to your final meet.  50% of all youth track and field athletes experience some type of injury – make sure you aren’t one of them! The most common […]

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"Text Neck"

If you have a cell phone or ever use one, pay attention! Our changing culture of constant texting and browsing on mobile devices may actually be causing you pain or headaches. Take a look at this picture – what do you look like when you’re on the phone? The next time you’re engrossed in reading an […]

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Resolutions 5-7 – Part 3 – Educating and Supporting our Community

We’re halfway through our resolutions! This week, we’re building off our previous goals with our next three resolutions for our next 10 years!  The theme of our next three resolutions is resolving to educate and support our community! 5.  Educate our community about how to move better to help prevent injuries before they occur One […]

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