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I’m worried that my kids may be couch-potatoes this summer. How can I motivate them to start moving during the day?


A cool new tool to help motivate your kids to move is called Free2Play. Developed by well known physical therapist, Gary Gray, Free2Play is a notfor-profit organization dedicated to the belief that everyone can be an Athlete. Their website will teach movements through video instruction and activities.

Check out the free website and set up a coach’s account. Your kids become athletes as they use their computer to create a “locker” of fun, healthy workouts ….and you can be their coach! As their coach, you check off the movements they’ve learned them and then advance to more complicated exercises. Each exercise video also includes an uplifting phrase in sign language to learn. You will be impressed by how many fun exercises your child can add to their locker and how many workouts can be configured – it’s limitless!

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