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In addition to headache, what are common symptoms associated with concussion and what can I do about them or do I just have to deal with them?


After a concussion, a patient can experience double vision, dizziness, difficulty reading, difficulty concentrating, difficulty getting to sleep and staying to sleep, balance difficulty, anxiety, to name a few. The symptoms can be placed into 6-7 categories depending on what you read: Cervical/neck,Migraine headache, Emotion/Mood, Vestibular, Ocular (vision), cognitive fatigue and sometimes cardiovascular responses and each of these individuals can have these symptoms brought on by different triggers. Having an understanding of the different systems involved and their potential triggers in concussion and how they interact and how to rehabilitate them is critical tomoving forward.Many people with protracted recovery (taking longer than normal) feel that they just have to deal with this new norm. However, without working to rehabilitate all of the involved systems in an integrative rehabilitation program an individual will continue to struggle. Call us today and let us be a part of your rehabilitation program. We want you to work, live and play... again!
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