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What kinds of injuries do Physical Therapists treat related to the Christmas Holidays?


The worst injuries are, fractures (broken bones) related to people falling off of ladders while packing away Christmas decorations, or overbalancing on ladders. Be careful of overbalancing or over reaching when on a ladder and be sure to have someone support the ladder while you are standing on it, especially when outside on wet ground.

Back and neck pain are commonly treated after the holidays related to travelling, or sleeping on different mattresses. When you are travelling, be sure to walk around (when flying) and stop, if you are travelling in a car, to lubricate and stretch the joints, preventing stiffness and pain. Beware of lifting heavy suitcases, always using the legs when lifting, keeping the spine straight, pace yourself! If you have any holiday muscle aches or injuries that linger, consult your physical therapist, who can put you on the road to “Work live and play again” in 2011!

Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy 2011, to all the wonderful medical providers in the community, our referring physicians, friends of CSSPT and most of all our awesome patients!
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