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I have had X rays and an MRI, seen my doctor, but I am confused about who to see for my back and neck pain after the car accident I was involved in, why should I see a Physical Therapist?


Physical Therapists are neuromuscular specialists who are trained in treating your problems, with manual therapy and soft tissue work, massage and specific therapeutic exercises, which are not just generic, but modified depending on your diagnosis or problem. We will not only treat your injury, but teach you how to avoid further injury and strengthen the muscles around the joints. We do not only treat your problem, but the cause of the problem so that it is less likely to return. We are educated in how to treat your pain, first and foremost, because we know that this is your biggest concern at first. Secondly we will help you move again, because many people have anxiety about movement after an accident and this fear of movement may cause problems, or chronic pain down the road. We will teach you back and neck exercises that are appropriate and guide you in how to progress them, so that you can return to a normal life, after your car accident. See your Physical Therapist today, we are equipped to deal with your spinal problems and our movement dysfunction specialist is here to lead you back to work, life and play again. Call Corvallis Sport and Spine Physical Therapy for an appointment today.
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