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I have been playing golf for years. My golf pro has mentioned my poor posture and hip flexibility as possible contributor to my swing faults that he has been working on correcting. I do occasionally have back pain when I swing. Will physical therapy help? Can’t I just work on exercises by myself?


Physical therapists are movement, exercise and manual therapy specialists. However, some physical therapists that are trained in understanding the most common swing faults in golf can work with golfers of all levels in improving mobility specific to golf mechanics. Such faults such as loss of posture, sway, reverse spine angle, and over the top commonly found in golfers can be due to deficits in mobility. Sometimes the deficit can be from a physical limitation of a joint or it can be from a loss of core stability and muscle coordination. A golf professional may identify some swing faults he/she is trying to correct, and a golf medicine trained physical therapist may prescribe movement corrective exercises to address physical limitations allowing the golfer opportunity for success in addressing their swing mechanics. Therefore, a physical therapist can be part of the golf medicine team. At Corvallis Sport and Spine Physical Therapy, Inc. we have physical therapists that are trained golf medicine professionals and certified golf fitness instructors. Look for our golf medicine seminar coming this spring. If you would like to receive information on our golf medicine seminar or schedule a golf medicine evaluation, please contact our office at 541.928.1411.
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