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I am a tilesetter with lower back pain. My friend suggested I see a physical therapist. I shy away from doctors and medicine. I prefer natural forms of treatment. How will Physical therapy help me?


Physical therapy is the natural way to go. Most physical therapists who are trained in manual therapy, use techniques that originated from osteopaths who were known as “bonesetters.” A PT will evaluate you to determine what is hurting and why you are hurting. You will be involved in your care, and will, in a way, become your own therapist. You will be educated in appropriate postures to avoid recurring injury or pain, because whatever treatment you receive from others cannot overcome treatment you give your back day in and day out. You will be given a customized exercise program, to improve your mobility and strength, which will be gentle at first and will be progressed as your pain resolves with treatment. What is more natural than postural correction, exercise and manual therapy? Work live and play again with PT treatment the natural holistic way!
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