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What can a Titleist Performance Institute Trained Medical Professional do to assist in my golf game?


One of the most common ailments that a physical therapist will treat is low back pain. Herniated Discs and/or Degeneration may be present in your situation. However, it does not explain why you have pain and it certainly doesn’t explain why you have pain when you hit a golf ball. Golfers are notorious for spending money on the newest driver to help their swing, but we don’t spend time assessing the prime mover in the whole situation – your body. Pain during the golf swing shows that there is dysfunction. It may be from faulty external equipment such club fitting, which a golf pro can assist you with. It may be with your overall technique and they can help you with that too.

Many of us have limitations that we are unable to work around but until you assess your machine, you won’t know. In reference to low back pain, many golf swing characteristics can lead to this phenomenon. Things such as having an “S” posture at address, Reverse spine angle during your back swing, Early Extension or loss of posture (raising up during your back swing), inability to get off of your back leg, or the reverse “C” finish at the end of the downswing.

The question rests in “why” do you have these swing characteristics to begin with. Until you test to figure out the cause, the way to change it is not that simple. We utilize a team approach to assess your limitations to address your golf swing. Working together with you and your golf pro to identify characteristics and then assessing your body relative to the needs of the golf swing will greatly influence your enjoyment of the game. At Corvallis Sport and Spine Physical Therapy we want you to work, live and play golf again (without pain).
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