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The sun is out and the US Open is over and I have aspirations of improving my game. I, however, have low back pain on the back nine and find it difficult to complete a round. I try to work out and exercise and I even bought a book. Nothing seems to be helping. What can I do?


The game of golf is one that can be played for years and years. Long after football players have retired from the game, the game of golf can be played well into the retirement years. As long as you walk the course, it can provide a good amount of physical activity. However, having back pain when you play is not good and it certainly isn’t good for your game. Finding the cause of your back pain is the key. For some people, it has to do with how they address the ball. For others, it has to do with their equipment. Yet, more often than not, it has to do with the most important equipment of all, their body. Stiffness to the hips and thoracic spine will place all of the rotational forces to the low back which it is not designed to take. It can create swing faults such as early extension which is huge cause of back pain. You can strengthen all you want but if things don’t move well, it won’t matter. This is the cardinal rule of physical therapy. Mobility always comes first. You can’t work on abdominal strength because you have a back stability problem IF the PROBLEM is the hips or thoracic spine. You might find it interesting how a loss of ankle mobility too can affect low back pain in the golf swing. Get the motion then strengthen. Corvallis Sport and Spine Physical Therapy has physical therapists trained to evaluate your body as it relates to the golf swing and rehab the CAUSE. Contact us for your preferred appointment today and get back into the game.
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