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When I go to the gym, I have been doing some step downs for strengthening the muscles on the front of my knee. Since I began doing them, my knee hurts on the front. Why?


Pain in the front of the knee can be from many things. A step down is similar to a single leg squat. If you check out you will see a picture of a young girl performing a double leg squat and you’ll see her knees collapsing in. She participated in a Sportsmetrics® program. Physical therapists are trained to examine a patient and figure out why they may have pain and/or why they may be moving a particular way. Limitations in ankle motion, knee motion, or hip motion can result in force being applied in other locations (and typically the knee). Arch position and lack of hip strength and/or core strength can also create knee pain. Additionally, a person who is unable to control the proper movement will create a situation for pain. Flexibility of the muscles on the front and back of the knee creates additional pressure to the knee. The girl on the video clip participated in a flexibility, strength and core program to correct her movement. A physical therapist trained in figuring out what you need to work on so your strengthening program does not hurt. Physical therapists at Albany Sport and Spine Physical Therapy are trained to find your weak link.
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