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I love riding horses but have recently started having low back pain while I am in the saddle. Does thismean I have to give up on riding?


The answer is temporarily. Riding horses can be good for your back if done properly with good formand bodymechanics, but it can be harmful for not only you but your horse if doing it wrong. Often people do not engage their coremuscles which help to keep from over using themuscles in your lower back. Coremuscles are not the only thing that can cause back pain ormake it uncomfortable while riding but alsomuscle imbalances, and jointmobility. For example, if your hamstringmuscles on the back of the leg are tight it can flatten your lumbar curve and put stress on your back. At Albany/Corvallis Sport and Spine PhysicalTherapy we will educate you on how to engage your coremuscles properly and how to improve your bodymechanics so when you return to the saddle you have the strength and knowledge to keep low back pain off the trail. Call us today at Albany Sport and Spine PhysicalTherapy (541) 928-1411 to schedule your preferred appointment so you canWork, Live, Play... Again, on your horse.
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