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Q I’m a recreational golfer and each year I take the winter off because of the Oregon weather, but when I return in the spring usually have aches and pain associated with return to golf. I exercise 2-3 times per week but are there specific exercises I can do to avoid these aches and pain or even improve my golf game?
A The golf swing is a dynamic composition of coordinated movements intended to work in sequence to develop power, consistency, and accuracy under a wide variety of conditions. At its best, the golf swing is effortless, smooth, reliable, unpredictable, strenuous, discouraging, and painful.

The Physical Therapists at Corvallis Sport and Spine Physical Therapy are trained to identify how the physical body affects the golf swing and vise versa. Through a functional movement screen they recognize certain movement faults, muscle imbalances, and motion restrictions that lead to specific swing characteristics that can create losses in power, consistency, accuracy, and can lead to tissue overload, failure, and injury.

When you look to add exercises to your program to address pain and target activities as specific as golf it is imperative to know what your body’s needs are, otherwise you can make things worse or miss the deficits completely. Developing a personalized exercise program to address your specific limitations will keep you playing longer, healthier, and with more enjoyment regardless of your recreation. The Physical Therapists at Corvallis Sport and Spine Physical Therapy will identify the likely causes for your pain (whether it is lack of strength or mobility, arthritis or a disk bulge) and design an easy exercise program you can perform at home to address the reasons for your pain while making you move better.
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