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I have back pain after I have been gardening and making home improvements over the weekend. I am worried because it takes me longer to recover so that I can finish my project. Help me!


Back pain after physical labor can be from a variety of causes. You may have a sedentary job where you sit or use the computer often. Then on the weekends, beat up your body and become sore completing projects you aren’t conditioned to do so. Becoming “body aware” during your activity may help reduce some of your pain right now. Next time you are working on your project, take a minute to see if you may be using your body correctly.

  1. Are you rotating your body while moving? Think of your hips and your shoulders having 2 headlights shining in the direction of your activity.
  2. Are you bending over in your upper back when you are working on something close to the ground? Make sure to lift with your legs, not with your back.
  3. Are your legs at least shoulder width apart when you are working? Doing this will help you maintain your balance and increase your stability while moving.

Back pain may be due to muscle spasm, arthritis, disc injury, muscle tightness or poor body mechanics. Physical therapists are trained to identify the faulty structures so that we get you back to moving again. For more information, please call us to schedule your preferred appointment at Corvallis Sport and Spine Physical Therapy today!
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