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Why is my doctor sending me to physical therapy before deciding whether he will do surgery for my knee pain?


Your doctor is making an educated decision. Research published in The New England Journal of Medicine (Sept 11, 2008) reports that Physical Therapists can help to avoid invasive and expensive surgery in many instances. Sometimes, knee pain is as a result of abnormal movement patterns that can cause stress on the joint and surgery does not correct the dynamic factors that contribute to knee pain and pathology. The knees tolerance to stressful activities often decreases with age, and loss of conditioning.

A Physical Therapist is a movement specialist, who will perform a thorough evaluation, identifying your predisposing factors and body traits that will make you more susceptible to injuries. As an exercise specialist, the therapist will customize an exercise sequence to restore strength, simulating knee stresses of your normal activities and use manual techniques to restore movement and diminish pain.

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