We feel there is a better, more complete, way to do Physical Therapy and it starts with the individual. Every person has their own motivations and goals for getting pain free and moving better after injury or surgery, and each has their own unique characteristics contributing to their pain in the first place. Our System takes a whole body approach; we get down to the root cause of the problem and make you the expert of your body, allowing you to work, live, play… again.

Our formula for providing this individualized approach is giving one-on-one focused treatment sessions. This allows us the ability to analyze how you move and what moves you, so we can assist in pain reduction and guide your rehabilitation. This approach enables you to reach your physical potential in life, work, recreation, and sports.

Our mission is to be the premier sports and orthopedic rehabilitation facility in the greater Willamette Valley. Albany Sport and Spine Physical Therapy, as a sibling of Corvallis Sport and Spine Physical Therapy, allows us to bring the same patient centered care and focus that the Sport and Spine name has build to Albany and the surrounding area.