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Do I need to do pelvic floor rehabilitation after I deliver my baby?


Yes, adequate postnatal rehabilitation can prevent health problems or surgery 5-10 years later. Problems that pelvic floor physical therapists treat after pregnancy include; stress or urge incontinence (urine leakage with coughing or sneezing, or an excessive urge to go); diastasis recti (abdominal separation) back or pelvic pain: prolapse; the inability to exercise or sexual discomfort or issues after pregnancy.

If left untreated, minor issues could turn into bigger ones over time. Returning to exercise too soon without sufficient strength of the pelvic floor and hips, could cause other serious issues, such as injuries to the knee and hip joints.

A pelvic floor Physical Therapist will evaluate and treat your back and pelvis, they are trained in internal manual techniques too relieve pain with intercourse or for problems with incontinence, and also, Biofeedback and electrotherapy to address pelvic floor weakness. Your physical therapist will instruct you in postural training as well as tips and instruction in management of a prolapse if present.

Seeing a pelvic floor therapist anytime after birth even years after, if you are having problems listed above will help you to work, live, and play…again.
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