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I am experiencing pain in my elbow that radiates to my wrist. The doctor said it is “tennis elbow”, but how do I make this pain go away?


“Tennis elbow” or lateral epicondylitis is an overuse injury that affects the elbow. It occurs where the tendons of the forearm muscles, which primarily do wrist extension, attach at the outside of the elbow. Chronic strain or repetitive overuse causes swelling and microtearing of the tissues. In some cases the pain may be due to a cervical problem or a nerve entrapment.

Poor posture and poor ergonomics, often times when working long hours on a computer, can be contributing factors. With repetitive activities like hammering, lateral epicondylitis can onset. Ice massage, anti-inflammatories, and splinting are effective treatments. Physical therapist offer soft tissue treatments to reduce adhesions as well as strengthening, stretching, postural, and ergonomic programs.

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