Julio Martinez

Julia Martinez, PTA

Julio Martinez,

What Julios’ patient say about him
"He has amazing warm energy, and helped me get stronger. He works out and has had his own set of physical injuries, which he has conquered.’ I feel energized physically and mentally stronger after seeing him."

Julio shows up every day to make a difference in his patient’s lives. He is energetic and passionate about what his experiences with his own technical skill in his fitness career and physical therapy are and gives expert advice at each appointment. He is an incredible communicator and listener to all ages of all patients.

He received his physical therapy assistant’s license at New Mexico Community College where his wife, OB/GYN Dr. Lucy Martinez is from.

During his free time which is minimal, being a dad of two adorable little girls, he enjoys boxing in his sleek home gym. He has many certifications in Kettlebell, CrossFit, Boxing, Bulgarian Bag and Combat sports. Julio is from the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico and is fluent is Spanish.

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