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What are the best preventative strategies for a runner over 40?


For runners in general, when we look at running related injuries such as iliotibial band syndrome, patellofemoral pain syndrome and the like, much of it comes back to imbalance and stability at the hip. Especially in females, we look at controlling strength in and around the hip, making sure that clients have adequate hip range of motion and extension. In order to strengthen those muscles, we need to have hip extension to isolate the gluteal complex while at the same time making sure we have good flexibility of the iliopsoas. Oftentimes, people look at running as a way to get in shape. We wil talk to people a lot about getting in shape in order to run.

You need to have baseline strength and flexibility to mke sure that you are able to start putting that demand on your body without breaking down tissues. Three top things to look at include: call flexibility and strength, hip flexor flexibility, and gluteal strength with both glut max and glut med activation. If you'd like help identifying preventative strategies for yourself, call Corvallis Sport and Spine to schedule your preferred appointment today.
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