Golf Fitness, Injury Prevention, and Injury Rehabilitation

The golf swing is a dynamic composition of coordinated movements intended to work in sequence to develop power, consistency, and accuracy under a wide variety of conditions. At its best the golf swing is effortless, smooth, reliable, and even graceful; at its worst is unpredictable, strenuous, discouraging, and painful. The experts at the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) are made up of some of the greatest golf, fitness, and medical minds and have worked with hundreds of golf professional (touring and non touring) and countless amateurs (of all ages and skill levels) to identify how the physical body effects the golf swing and vise versa. Their results show that certain movement faults, muscle imbalances, and motion restrictions lead to specific swing characteristics that create losses in power, consistency, accuracy, and can lead to tissue overload, failure, and injury. An injury can lead to severe deficiencies in the golf swing and the TPI professionals have identified specific mobility and stability components of movement that are imperative to any golf swing.

Albany Sport and Spine Physical Therapy has Physical Therapists trained by the Titleist Performance Institute as golf movement specialists. Their specialty training will allow them to break down your fundamental movements to analyze your weaknesses, restrictions, and compensation patterns to create a personalized exercise program designed to improved coordination and consistency to return from injury, prevent injury, and maximize efficiency.

Using a team approach we will communicate with your teaching professional or golf coach to address limitations identified by your swing expert to allow you to reach your full potential. If you don’t have a golf instructor it is often beneficial to work with one in order incorporate increases in motion, strength, balance, and stability into the golf swing while eliminating old habits.

For the Injured Golfer:
Golf injuries can occur while playing the sport or while doing any number of things but will dramatically affect your swing. The key with an injury often lies in the rehab process that will allow you to return to your previous level while preventing the recurrence of the injury. With the experts help at Albany Sport and Spine PT, we will address your injury while identifying the specific components of coordination, strength, stability, and mobility needed for return to golf.

For the Uninjured Golfer:
Golf fitness has become an increasingly important aspect of training for golfers, professional and amateur, to increase strength, endurance, consistency while limiting injuries. At Albany Sport and Spine PT we will target specific weaknesses, restrictions, and compensation patterns and provide you with a personalized golf specific exercise program aimed at eliminating deficits and optimizing your golf related movements.

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