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"Excellent attitude and very professional and fun to get tortured with positive results. I highly recommend this clinic to all my friends. Even before I had surgery I knew where I was having physical therapy. My surgeon thinks highly of these PT’s as does my daughter - who is the best nurse ever, everyone here is always positive."
May 16, 2019
"Everyone is so caring and helpful. I see Molly-Ann, who is awesome and always pulling for me to do better. Tracy and Carol are great too. Just a friendly and knowledgable place to come to."
Jan 17, 2019
"The staff is very nice and I am getting great treatment here. Will definitely come back if I have a need in my future for therapy services. They also treated my son a few years ago for a football injury that could have ended his senior football. They had him back on the field in 2 weeks so he was able to finish the season,"
Jan 15, 2019
"I have learned soooo many ways to gain strength, balance, and to use different muscles that I had forgotten about. I am more confident in myself. I have been given tools and handouts that will help me. My back will steadily get worse with arthritis but I will be able to move with the exercises and tools that I have been given. Thanks"
Nov 20, 2018
"Mollyann is a great therapist who listens and knows how to diagnose my problem. She is knowledgeable. She designed exercises for me that help a lot."
Nov 14, 2018
"I have been seeing Erin for a looong time now since my neck operation was so invasive. She has been most helpful in my recovery and careful to slowly improve my mobility. Her attitude is contagious and I have been able to avoid OxyContin for the last 3 months. Erin's thoughtful approach really makes her a rockstar! "
Nov 12, 2018
"Both my wife and I come here. We have had great results and enjoy the people and the environment. I will keep coming back for any future PT that may be needed."
Oct 30, 2018
"Sport and Spine has excellent staff!! Hard to choose just one. Tracy is my absolute favorite, she was very helpful, patient and supportive! Molly was excellent! Going to miss you both being that I graduated today! Yeaaaay Happy Holidays! TO ALBANY SPORT AND SPINE!"
Oct 26, 2018
"This has been a great and successful experience. The staff is always friendly and understanding. They know they’re stuff and how to get great results. I would and will recommend them to anyone."
Oct 24, 2018
"I Love coming into Physical Theropy the staff is very good at what they do. Hurts so bad but feels so good after. Lori is the greatest."
Oct 23, 2018
"Mollyann is very cheerful even early in the morning... which is crazy. She uses a bunch of techniques and lets me use the game ready whenever I want. "
Oct 22, 2018
"Molly Ann has been my therapist for about 8 months. She is so compassionate and skilled! I truly look forward to my visits! I can’t imagine how I would be doing without her."
Oct 19, 2018
"Lori is caring, knowledgeable and kind. I love her."
Oct 18, 2018
"I have always been very pleased with the care I received at Albany Sport and Spine. They listen and always have a great plan for helping with my problems. I highly recommend them for physical therapy. Very friendly staff and I always feel better when I have completed my series of treatments. Thank you for caring and all your help."
Oct 12, 2018
"Lory was awesome, helped my knee a bunch. "
Oct 11, 2018
"She made me feel so much better instantly and she complimented my eyebrows :)"
Oct 10, 2018
"I haven't met a person here I didn't think was professional, kind, fun, and courteous. Traci and Cait are knowledgeable in their fields, extremely personable, easy to talk to, and provide exercises both in clinic and take home that hit the nail on the head for what I need. Supporting staff are always smiling, pleasant, and helpful. Thank you Albany Sport and Spine!"
Nov 17, 2017
"Cait and Tracy are both incredibly thorough while being comfortable to work with, professional AND personable, as well as knowledgeable about their specialties. The supporting staff are also all amazing people"
Nov 17, 2017
"Both Molly and Lori have been very helpful during my visits. They have given me the knowledge to improve and return to normal activity. I rate them both five stars for their ability, professionalism and knowledge. All the staff I have had contact with have made my appointments here enjoyable and helpful. Thanks"
Nov 15, 2017
"I came in not being able to move my shoulder do to a frozen shoulder. Now i can move again. Thank you to everyone at Albany Sport and Spine. Not only are the PTs great, but so are the front people, and aides. love "T"."
Oct 27, 2017
"I appreciate the specialized and comprehensive care and knowledge Cait and Tracy provide for sufferers of EDS (Ehlers-Danilo’s Syndrome). Both Cait and Tracy are extremely knowledgeable and professional, and their friendly, approachable demeanor encourages a good rapport with patients. They both couple professional treatment with a cheerful, positive attitude that is infectious, and translates into optimism for a good outcome. They have performed both visceral and orthopedic osteopathic manipulations to bring substantial pain relief, and paired these with customized exercise regimens designed to strengthen and hold my hyper mobile joints in place. The monthly EDS Educational Workshops hosted by Cait and Tracy cover an array of subjects that impact EDS patients. They emphasize conditions that are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed by medical professionals unfamiliar with various types of EDS and hypermobility, empowering patients for their own care. This information has provided many ‘ah-ha!’ moments about my own personal and medical issues. This also helps patients convey to their physicians why patients with EDS require specialized Physical Therapy and medical treatment. Their comprehensive treatment borders on occupational therapy, as they also discuss and provide training for performing daily activities with correct posture to protect joints and prevent strains and sprains and discuss dietary supplements and foods sensitivities relevant for improving quality of life for EDS patients. Their care program has been life changing for me. The attitude at Albany Sport and Spine extends beyond the physical therapists. The front desk staff is friendly, professional, helpful, and cheerful, and are wizards at scheduling. They make me and every patient feel welcome. This is a place of healing. Thank you!"
Oct 26, 2017
"There was a very long road ahead of me after my Achilles was rebuilt. Molly Anne and the staff at Albany Sport and Spine welcomed me on this journey the moment I stepped in the door. I had a great amount of rehabilitation to both my body and my mind. Molly Anne consistently applied the right amount of physical and mental coaching with enthusiasm, understanding and encouragement while being aware of my fears, but more importantly my ability to progress back to doing the things I enjoy. Still working toward trail running, and rock climbing, but so very close! Thank you for your support Molly Anne! (And Linda, and everyone) 😉 Thomas"
Oct 26, 2017
"I have loved coming to this place. The staff is really caring and you can tell they really want the best for your health. Kathy is great to work with and always makes sure I understand what I need to do to improve my physical health. If it wasn’t for Kathy and all the staff here I would’ve have become discouraged and probably given up. They are truly the best"
Oct 26, 2017
"Molly and Lori both have made therapy on my hip an enjoyable experience. They are very knowledgeable. They took the time to explain and teach me the reasoning for each exercise in order for me to understand the need of each exercise. They are friendly and professional. Both my husband and I appreciate their knowledge and hard work."
Oct 26, 2017
"Molly and Tracy are great and very knowledgeable!"
Oct 20, 2017
"Kathy and Lori are very caring and thoughtful. Their encouragement is helpful."
Oct 19, 2017
"Pleasant place. Had Molly Ann Orsborne earlier in the week and Laurie Morris today. Both were very professional and did an excellent job or explaining things to this old guy."
Oct 19, 2017
"I have been seeing Caitlin Daly for several months now. Her knowledge and patience never fail to put me at ease. Despite a few setbacks our appointments always feel productive. Every other staff member I have met also have warm welcoming personalities that helps make this a great place to go when you need help."
Oct 19, 2017
"Dr. Lynch is amazing. I felt very understood as far as where pain is."
Oct 19, 2017
"Molly Anne has done a very good job with my MCL/ACL/ Mencius post surgical recovery. Even when I would be discouraged and personally thinking I wasn’t progressing fast enough she was helpful in figuring out changes to my personal home routine to stay on track, and always got the point across that my progress was right where it needed to be for the level of injury and surgical repair. She has a great balance of personality and drive to see a patient recover and has a no nonsense approach that has made it a blessing to work with her. She is an encouragement at each visit and has a great heart for her clients and coupling that with her knowledge base she knows how push you to an appropriate level and never over works you."
Oct 19, 2017
"Kathy has done a great job educating me on the process of healing and recovery."
Oct 19, 2017
"After a bad rotator cuff tear in July 2016, followed by surgery in September, Kathy and the rest of staff helped me to recover. Full recovery seemed hopeless at first, but by March 2017 I was golfing regularly and with a full hard swing. My 6 handicap is my best ever. Thanks for all the work and encouragement."
Oct 18, 2017
"Very informative. Mollyann was friendly and helpful"
Oct 18, 2017
"Tracy, Mollyann, and the front staff have really been supportive and is helping me heal! This is my third time, for different things, coming here and I have always felt very comfortable! Good job!"
Oct 16, 2017
"Very professional and effective by far the best for my condition"
Oct 11, 2017
"Excellent staff, very knowledgeable and compassionate! I would not hesitate to refer friends and family for the excellent service and care provided by Albany Sport and Spine! I came in with virtually no mobility of my right shoulder following surgery and when I left I was at 90% and improving! Thank you all for your hard work. I can resume an active pain free life again. My only regret is I won't see those smiling faces twice a week."
Jun 27, 2017
"Absolutely the best care anywhere! I have dealt with 3 other rehab centers and Albany Sport &Spine is absolutely the best care. The individual therapists are wonderful personalities to work with. I could not be happier with my experience with them!"
May 31, 2017
"Satisfactory to my utmost expectations. Staff is polite and great to get along with. 100% at what they do."
Mar 31, 2017
"Love this place. Everyone here is so helpful and encouraging. I was in a accident and came to them two months later. I had severe muscle spasms. They worked with me to reset my body. They helped me understand why my body hurt. This is the only place I will ever go if I need help. Erin and Caitlyn helped me understand my hyper mobility and how I can control it. I am no longer in pain all the time."
Mar 27, 2017
"I had a great experience at Albany Sport and Spine! Everyone was very friendly and positive. My PT was awesome as she normalized the things I was going through in my recovery from knee surgery and was very knowledgeable in the exact exercises I needed, not a "one size fits all" approach. She was very encouraging and explained thoroughly all the reasons for the various exercises. The clinic was always clean and comfortable too. All the staff were wonderful and I would definitely recommend it to anyone, anytime."
Mar 27, 2017
"Albany Sport and spine is the best around! Very knowledgeable, encouraging and helpful, not to mention friendly! Even though I was coming here for torturous rehab, I looked forward to it every week. Thanks for everything!"
Feb 16, 2017
"Erin was extremely helpful and patient with me. It took us a while to figure the issue out, but once we did the exercises made all the difference in the world. I feel like my old self!!! Thank you!"
Feb 08, 2017
"MAHALO plenty for all the services and toe training that helped my toe be a toe and😜. I appreciate the help that kept me on my toes. A big thank you to Erin who thought the importance of what my toe can do and to Linda for assisting me when Erin wasn't available....Thank you thank you...it really helped me through my trails of agony...Love you too and to Holly who helped me find the schedule that fit my time especially during the snow days....Mahalo nui loa....J.Russell"
Feb 08, 2017
"I have had the greatest experience at Albany Sport and Spine. I feel so much better and the staff are so friendly,caring,and have prescribed the best therapy ever. Thank you so very much. Forever your fan. Sincerely Susan Hatfield"
Jan 27, 2017
"Awesome ! Thank you so much ...always great service always always always..thanks to Kate and Tracy and the the whole team!😀😁"
Dec 28, 2016
"After several months of not being able to do my normal recreational activities due to a nagging injury, Laura had me working back into it after the first visit. A few visits later I was back to my desired level. Nice to have someone who understands sports injuries as an athlete and not just from a textbook."
Dec 14, 2016
"I went to my doctor to get referrel to physical therapy and he tried to send me to another facility but I said, "No I want to go to Albany Sport and Spine since they fixed me before" and Today I told my wife, No matter how much rain or snow I will make it to therapy because they will help me! I appreciate all they do!"
Dec 08, 2016
"I worked with Albany Sport & Spine for rehab on my second of two hip replacements. All the staff and therapists were amazing! I always felt encouraged, inspired and equipped with the tools to return to an active lifestyle! And I am well I'm my way to that thanks to them! I would recommend Albany Sport and Spine to anyone!"
Dec 02, 2016
"I've really appreciated all the staff here. They laugh at my jokes and make me feel at home. I know if I have problems in the future they will be here for me. Kathy was wonderful. She didn't insist on me doing exercises I hated or that were too painful. She was professional and effective. I've learned to move more freely and how to strengthen and stretch my muscles. Some of my problems were lifelong. Your support staff are awesome. I appreciated Kyung's help and in making me comfortable and his smile. Holly and Marianne were also very sweet and helpful."
Nov 18, 2016
"Kathy got me running again after back surgery...I will be forever grateful! Really enjoyed working with everyone at Albany Sport and Spine!"
Nov 09, 2016
"Took care of the pain in my knee caused by arthritis. Was surprised as to how effective the therapy was in correcting the issue."
Nov 02, 2016
"I have been coming to Albany Sport and Spine for several weeks.I was skeptical before I started coming here. But ,after the therapy sessions I am no longer skeptical.They did an amazing job teaching me exercises that I can do on my own to keep my body going. All of the staff always had a positive and bubbly personality made you feel right at home.They give u a lot of useful information.It was such a positive experience ,that i convinced my wife to come here for her aches and pains rather than going to her chiropractor she has been seeing for years. I would recommend this to anyone needing there service. They did an awesome job!! Thank you very much ."
Oct 28, 2016
"Every single person working here is so positive and always smiling/very friendly. They also really seem to truly care about their patients. Love this place and every employee💜💖💕"
Oct 27, 2016
"I loved my experience here at Albany Sport and Spine! The front desk and supporting staff are very polite and friendly. I would tell other people to come here because the treatment felt great and the staff is great, if need be this is where I will come in the future!"
Oct 25, 2016
"I honestly didn't think I would ever like or enjoy physical therapy. My plan was just to get my knee back to where it was before the car accident and call it good. My appointments here have been so much better than that though. I actually enjoy my time spent here even though you've made me work hard because everyone is so great. You listen to and care about the people you're working with and it made a huge difference in how well I did while coming here. Not only does my knee feel better but I'm stronger overall than I was before. I would definitely recommend Albany Sport and Spine to anyone in need of physical therapy in the area."
Oct 11, 2016
"Cathy was a great physical therapist. I'm so much better. Everyone is kind even when I screw up and miss appointments. I would highly recommend Sport and Spine to anyone who needs physical therapy."
Sep 30, 2016
"The entire staff at Albany Sport and Spine Physical Therapy have been very helpful and dedicated to helping in my recovery from neck surgery exercises for control of pain and strengthening. I'm very pleased with the results I've received so far in my recovery."
Sep 29, 2016
"I've been going to Albany sport and spine for almost 7 months now and it has always been a great experience. Even though I was in there for unfortunate reasons, fractured my hip while skiing during spring break, it has always been an enjoyable time. In the beginning I was having trouble walking without crutches, lots of pain and I couldn't sit for very long without changing my position. Kathy and the rest of the team have helped me in so many ways. Without Kathy I wouldn't be able to play volleyball right now, let alone walk correctly. No matter where you are in the building there is always kind, smiling, funny people there to listen to you and help you in any way they can. I would highly recommend Albany Sport and Spine to any one."
Sep 29, 2016
"After a serious leg injury in late 2013 I did several months of PT at Albany Sport & Spine. It was obvious from the get-go the staff really cared about their patients. It was easy to communicate the struggles I was dealing with after surgery and translate that into visible, productive results. Almost three years after the initial injury, I have been experiencing further setbacks (not related to the PT). Due to the nature of my leg injury and super-human hardware in my bone I was having a great deal of pain. I returned to Albany Sport & Spine not knowing if additional PT would help. After a few weeks my associated back pain has greatly been reduced. The pain and underlying leg issues have been addressed by the therapists with great care. I can feel the progress being made with my leg and am thankful for the attentiveness they show. They work hard to find what works best for you. The kind staff (from the wonderful ladies at the front desk all the way to the PT's) work had to accommodate my hectic work schedule. I would certainly recommend Albany Sport & Spine!"
Sep 20, 2016
"I enjoyed coming to therapy. The staff was very accomendating and friendly! I feel better and I am leaving with suggestions on how to continue working on myself to gain full motion without pain and stiffness! Thank you!"
Sep 09, 2016
"All the staff are caring, kind and fully present. I always feel cared for and treated as though I mattered to each and every person who works there. It's obvious that great care has been taken to assemble such a caring, professional staff."
Aug 30, 2016
"There staff Is above reproach. They are helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. I have had physical therapy before and I have to say that Albany Sport & Spine Physical Therapy was by far the best. Thank you for the best treatment possible."
Aug 19, 2016
"I had an amazing expirence at Albany Sport and Spine, the staff was very friendly and knew their profession well. Having the support through every visit was very helpful because they wanted me to succeed and get better. Also, the treatment they used was personalized to basketball which was what the sport I was returning into. I would definitely recommend them to anyone willing to put in the work and get back to being active again."
Aug 09, 2016
"From the first time I came through the door,I was amazed with the compassion and personalization of the care provided to me. Each step of the way, everything was explained to me. The knowledge I gained here will last forever. I began to feel a difference and was able to realize that I was not going to be in pain forever. I loved the fact that I worked with only two different therapists. They were able to get to know the real me! I appreciate the look in their eyes when I came through the door and they asked how I'm doing. They always knew if my answer was accurate or not. Silly as it seems, I actually looked forward to each appointment! The accuracy of treatment getting it right where I needed it was astounding! I was to a point where I wasn't sure that I would feel better. Now when I have discomfort, I understand it and now have tools I can use. I could not recommend Albany sport and spine in any higher manner, than to say I didn't believe that I would ever feel this good again. Cathy, you are the best ever! Don't stress over it !"
Aug 09, 2016
"I just wanted to drop a line and say thanks to Albany Sport & Spine and Dr. Cait. On Sunday, Mavrick Ott competed at 100% physical capacity at the 2016 USA Taekwondo National Championships in Richmond, VA. There were 21 in his sparring division, and while he did not earn a medal, he did win his first two matches and lost in the quarterfinals. Thanks to Albany Sport & Spine, his performances included a first match win over the 2015 US Open gold medalist and second match was a win over the 2013 national champion. Finishing in the top 8 qualified Mavrick to go to the national team trials at the end of August at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. The winner will represent Team USA, November 19th at the Junior World Championships in Burnaby, BC, Canada!"
Aug 08, 2016
"Cait and Tracy are the best! The whole office is super knowledgable, kind and compassionate. The space is light and airy and is well equipped. Thanks for being such a great office,"
Aug 08, 2016
"This practice is excellent! The staff are friendly and knowledgable. I'm always greated by name by the staff which is always welcoming. Carol, one of owners has been so helpful in working with me by making sure I can get treatment regularly and at both locations in Corvallis and Albany. Their flexibility has allowed me to get therapy around my busy schedule. Granted, this is my first experience being treated by a physical therapist, I would have to say Sport & Spine Physical Therapy sets the bar very high for the industry. Their client services are exceptional and they will make sure you are well treated for any of your injuries. I would highly recommend anyone to S & S PT. I have already referred a family member and she is finally getting the help she needs which other PT's have neglected. I love you guys. You have become like family. Thank you Carol, Linda, Caitlin, and Myung."
Aug 02, 2016
"The staff at Albany sport and spine is amazing! They squeeze me into the schedule even late at night. Every time I leave feeling better than when I arrived! When I first started physical therapy I was nervous but the staff was very friendly and I have had a great experience! They put the patients first and I would recommend them to anyone!"
Jul 29, 2016
"When I came in here I was barely able to walk on my left hip and in alot of pain when sleeping and not able to workout without it hurting. Now I'm walking with no pain I'm sleeping better and im working out without it hurting thanks to the staff at Albany sports and spine. The staff is very nice and understanding as well."
Jul 28, 2016
"I went to therapy at another business for 2-3 months and after 3 months I was told there was nothing they could do for me. So after 2 more years of pain I went back to therapy after hearing a suggestion from a friend. My hip was in so much pain but the therapy I received here at Albany Sport and Spine helped with the pain I was feeling and gave me hope and some relief. After having to get my hip done I came back for therapy and the recovery has been a great success. The Staff at Albany Sport and Spine are very knowledgeable and friendly. I wouldn't go anywhere else!"
Jul 26, 2016
"The staff is freindly and very helpful. I would definitely come back to Albany sport and spine physical theropy again if I neede it👍👍"
Jul 21, 2016
"I was very impressed with the professional and friendly staff at Albany Sport and Spine. The ladies at the front desk were very chipper, always sporting a smile and a friendly disposition. The therapists were always very helpful and knowledgeable. Their creative ideas helped me recover quickly from my injury that would have otherwise been very debilitating. The staff exceeded my expectations to say the least. I would recommend Albany Sport and Spine to anyone seeking physical therapy."
Jul 18, 2016
"The physical therapists at Albany Sport and Spine are very knowledgable and competent. They know what they are doing! The whole staff is courteous and cheerful whenever I have been in for pt to alleviate my shoulder pain. It is so worth it! I feel so much better and know how to keep from having the pain return because they educated me about why I was having the pain in the first place. I will recommend Albany Sport and Spine to everyone who is in need of physical therapy."
Jul 15, 2016
"I came in almost a year ago with really bad knee pains. Now I hardly have any and I have corrected some other problems that we found. I'm so happy I chose spots and spines"
May 12, 2016
Apr 29, 2016