Workers’ Comp

Our goal is happy employees and employers.

When injuries happen in the workplace, and we are in pain, our everyday lives and productivity on the job is often negatively impacted. Understanding that each job has its own unique needs and requirements is essential to creating a plan that will allow a safe and prepared return to full productivity in the workplace. At Albany Sport and Spine Physical Therapy, individuals can expect to receive an individualized approach to ensuring they make a safe and timely return to their full working capabilities.

Here at Albany Sport and Spine Physical Therapy we utilize a variety of programs to provide the best care, including:

  • Healing your pain and body, making it move pain free, so that you can move again.
  • Impairment Ratings
  • Work Conditioning
  • Regular stretching and exercise programs for a preventative approach

In addition to our various programs utilized, workplace analyses and ergonomic assessments are standards in our care. Our professionally trained Physical Therapists can significantly reduce risk of injury while working, as well as provide excellent rehabilitative care for the injured individual. Following treatment at Albany Sport and Spine Physical Therapy, patients can trust they will feel confident and capable in their return to work. We look forward to seeing you!

Our goal is for you to be pain free and strong forever.


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