Five Reasons to See Your Body Mechanic

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As Physical Therapists, we consider ourselves the human body movement experts. Just as a car needs to move (that’s its purpose) so do we! And just like a car needs repairs, so do we! As Doctorate level professionals of human movement, Physical Therapists are here to be your body mechanics! Just like your family has a mechanic you take all of your cars to, we want to be your whole family’s body mechanic. We’re here to help you get back on to your road in life, moving well and without pain!

Here are 5 reasons to see your body mechanic:

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  1. Persistent Pain
    If you still have sharp, achy, or dull symptoms/pain after 3-5 days of rest, we can help you find out why and address your pain before it worsens
  2. Trauma
    If you have one traumatic event such as an ankle sprain or acute back pain, you need to find out how to manage and prevent further injury or compensation
  3. Non-responsive to anti-inflammatories
    If anti-inflammatory medications don’t control the pain, then you have a problem that is likely mechanical in nature and you need to fine-tune the pieces of your machine
  4. Joint stiffness and/or swelling in muscles and/or joints
    If you have visual changes such as swelling or bruising, you need find out why it is occurring and how to manage it to avoid joint stiffness or tissue scarring

    Joint stiffness with or without swelling is another reason to consult us. Joint stiffness causes pain, compensation, and additional torque on other joints which could lead to more problems or pain

  5. Pain with New Activities
    If you start an exercise program to improve your health and you begin to have pain, a physical therapist can help you find out why so you can prevent it from happening.

    We are also the experts to help you modify and tailor your new plan to fit your goals and your movement patterns to optimize your health and benefit from exercise.

Understanding our body as a biomechanical machine and doing regular maintenance with your Physical Therapist will improve how you move. Movement is the key to body freedom and will keep you working, living, and playing longer.

Remember, you can see your Physical Therapist without a physician referral and we’ll get you repaired and running on your road again!

Laura Hoffman, MSPT

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