Resolutions 3-4 – Part 2 – Growing Relationships with Local Health Care Professionals

Last week we started off our resolution series and focused on our patient care goals.  This week, we’re building off those goals with our next two resolutions for our next 10 years!  The theme of our next two resolutions is growing our relationships with other local professionals to provide you the best care possible!
3.  Grow our relationships with referring and community physicians to provide truly collaborative care for our patientshealthcareteam
We’ve talked in previous posts about something called direct access. This means that you can come to see us without a referral from your doctor (depending on your insurance of course). Despite this open door, we work very closely with local doctors to manage your care. Growing strong and trusting relationships allows us to provide you faster and higher quality care because of the information that can flow freely between your providers. We also love to share the benefits of physical therapy with our doctors so they can help us identify what patients would be best suited for physical therapy services!
4.  Grow our relationships with local alternative health, wellness, and nutrition care professionals to maximize our patients’ overall quality of health and lifeAlternative-Health1
Our goal as Physical Therapists is to help you live better and healthier.  We specialize in the movement and postural component of living better and healthier.  We realize that there’s other alternative professionals that can help us with this including massage therapists, acupuncturists, personal trainers and fitness instructors, yoga teachers, sports coaches, etc.  We also have knowledge about nutrition, but certainly not to the extent of a Dietician.  We want to be able to help you and guide you to other professionals that can help you live better through movement and nutrition.  We are devoted to surrounding ourselves with the best of the other alternative specialties to be able to provide you, or refer you to the best care for you!  Together, we will be most effective at improving your quality of life!
– Corvallis and Albany Sport and Spine Team
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