Resolutions 5-7 – Part 3 – Educating and Supporting our Community

We’re halfway through our resolutions! This week, we’re building off our previous goals with our next three resolutions for our next 10 years!  The theme of our next three resolutions is resolving to educate and support our community!

5.  Educate our community about how to move better to help prevent injuries before they occur

Our Running Injury Prevention Event this Fall at Albany Sports PT
Our Running Injury Prevention Event this Fall at Albany Sports PT

One of our biggest goals with any patient is to not just resolve their current pain or injury, but to prevent future injuries or dysfunction. One huge part of prevention is education – if you know what things you should or should not be doing, you’re able to better avoid those common injury causing events. We love to work with local community groups, big and small, to provide education on fall prevention, aquatic therapy, wellness, and what physical therapists actually do! We also share that kind of information online via our social media pages (like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @css_pt or @albanysportspt for more!) and this blog! We want to continue to spread our knowledge to the community over the next 10 years!
6.  Support our community with our presence at service, health, and general community events  
Carrol and Theresa with CSSPT supporting the "Color Me Pink" 5K this fall.
Carrol and Theresa with CSSPT supporting the “Color Me Pink” 5K this fall.

Over the years we have been present at farmer’s markets and various 5Ks and recreational athletic events.  We have also supported many high school athletic programs via finances and our presence at events and even performing movement screens (see #7).  We resolve to be even more resolved.  We want to support our community in spirit and in health.  We want to be present at events to cast as wide a net as possible of educating our community how to move and live better.  If we can do that financially with sponsorships, we want to do that too!  We are owned and operated locally all by people who live here – in the Corvallis and Albany area.  We want to serve where we live and make it a better place.
7.  We will perform two free movement screens each year with a local high school or club sports team.
We love working with the athletes of Corvallis and Albany, especially those that represent our schools and community by playing hard. To keep you on the field, we will provide a thorough screening of the members of a team – free of charge and performed by our Physical Therapists (movement experts!) – to help identify potential risk for injury. Athletes will then receive preventative exercises to help eliminate those risk factors.
– Corvallis and Albany Sport and Spine Team

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