Resolutions 8-10 – Part 4 – Your First and Only Choice for Physical Therapy

Posted on January 26, 2015

Our final resolutions! This week, we’re building off our previous goals with our last three resolutions for our next 10 years!  The theme of our last three resolutions is growing ourselves to be your first and only choice for Physical Therapy and movement health and wellness.

8.  We will nurture and grow our team with amazing individuals to continue to create a positive and welcoming environment from the front desk to the billing office.

Our staff is committed to making CSSPT a positive and welcoming place from the moment you walk in the front door until you pay your final bill. We want to provide excellent and friendly service as well as the highest quality physical therapy services to help you work, live, and play again!

9.  Perform a monthly inservice amongst our therapists to continue to teach each other new skills and refine our current skills to help each other grow to help YOU move better   

We strive to keep each other accountable to always refining our skills with continuing education classes. We are constantly learning from each other and want to continue to grow our hands on skills as well as our ability to communicate with you to help you achieve your goals!

10.  We want to be your family and your friends’ go-to Physical Therapists!

We are so lucky to live in a state with Direct Access – you can come see us without a referral from your physician! We are the movement experts and are qualified to address your musculoskeletal injuries – and we are also educated to know when to send you back to your physician for imaging or other tests. If you have aches and pains, call us to see if we can help!


Thanks for letting us share our vision for the future. Our goal is to improve you life by teaching you about your muscles and movement. We want to help teach you to appreciate your body and take care of it! We want to make you play again – life is too short not too! We are so thankful for every patient that comes into our clinic every day because you inspire us and motivate us with your hard work and success!

Happy New Year!

–  Corvallis and Albany Sport and Spine Physical Therapy


Albany Sport and Spine is unique in a way that it makes patients feel comfortable in a light, uplifting atmosphere, while at the same time knowing they're dedicated to the quickest possible path of recovery.


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