Running Injuries and Prevention

Whether you are gearing up for the Albany Half Marathon or just hoping for a short jog around the track, running can often highlight a small malalignment or inefficiency in your stride or body mechanics that you may never have noticed before. These small problems can often turn into big problems – pain or injury […]

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5 Reasons You May Need New Athletic Shoes

As with any activity it is important to have the right equipment and ensure that the equipment is in good working order. With running or walking your most important piece of equipment (other than strong muscles and good joint mobility) is your shoes! They can wear and break down quickly under the right circumstances. Here […]

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Aquatic Therapy

If you are experiencing pain that limits your ability to exercise or be active, exercising in a pool (aquatic therapy) might be a great way for you to get moving without exacerbating your symptoms. Water has many therapeutic qualities that you just can’t replicate on land. Our physical therapists can help use the pool and […]

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Pregnancy and Low Back Pain

Pregnant? We’ve Got Your Back When you are pregnant, your body changes to accommodate the growing baby and you may experience discomfort in your low back, pelvis, or hips. 50-70% of women experience back pain during their pregnancy – often in the third trimester due to hormonal changes in your ligaments causing more laxity (looseness) […]

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My Pain Won't Go Away!

“I’ve always had this pain…it’s never going away.” Have you been diagnosed with chronic pain? You are in the company of more than 50 million people in the United States living with chronic pain. It is the number one cause of adult disability in the US.3 Does your pain cause you stress or change your […]

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Direct Access

“But I don’t play any sports…” If you aren’t a competitive athlete, you may not think that a clinic with “Sport” in the name is the place for you. In a previous post, we defined “sport” as anything that you play in a lively and happy way. Using that definition, we truly believe that everyone […]

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Safe Summer Fun – Get Active!

Summer break is here! For many of you this means you get to spend a whole lot more time with your kids for the next 3 months. As the use of electronics continues to grow in today’s society, the amount of physical activity individuals (especially kids) get during their week continues to plummet. Sitting is […]

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Summer Footwear

Are you taking a trip to Disneyland? The Grand Canyon? Even if you are just trying to get your 30 minutes of walking in each day, it is important to think about your feet! Long summer days and exciting vacations often mean more time walking, standing, and exploring. The high temperatures also mean you might […]

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Why Sport and Spine?

At Corvallis Sport and Spine Physical Therapy, our name means more than it may seem at first glance. We believe that “Sport” and “Spine” are foundational to every person’s enjoyment of life and their ability to maximize their movement capabilities and overall quality of life. For us, these words extend well beyond their superficial meanings. […]

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